How I Became Treasurer

Clubhouse, Casa Del Sol condominium

Me? Condo treasurer?

When we moved to our condominium I said, “I’ll help, I’ll volunteer, but I’ll NEVER serve on the board.”

Picture: Casa Del Sol condominium, Sarasota, FL

Almost four years ago our board’s treasurer, Mike, moved and so had to leave the board. He remained nearby and was gracious enough to continue as “assistant treasurer”, with the board’s approval, until a replacement was found. Our president, Donna, spent the next three months begging for someone to volunteer. She would say, “It’s not that hard.”

My wife, Jacquie, and I talked it over. I was semi-retired – consulting but not formally employed – so I did have the time. We said, “Well, I guess it’s my turn.” It was December. When I told Donna she said, “Thanks – I guess you’re my Christmas present!”

My background is electronics, not financial. I’ve never had so much as a single bookkeeping course. Many years in engineering management at other companies, though, plus running our own business, had been good on-the-job training. Mike, fortunately, was still available and was a big help getting me started. Donna had been treasurer before him, and the condo’s finances were in good shape. We still see Mike around. Donna recently passed away. Sad – she was a hard worker and we all loved her.

“It’s not all that hard”? Depends on your point of view. It took a fair amount of time. Some people told me mine was the hardest job, but I disagreed. It felt less stressful than other board positions. I could do much of my work at home with my computer. Others got more involved with irrigation and pool heating failures, landscaping details, illegal parking, tree trimming and owner complaints. Also – rules & regulations! How many flowerpots – what can we hang outside – approved plant lists – can the owners have gas grills – etc. etc. I was involved, but others carried more of the weight.

The plus side: ours was a good, co-operative board. No politics. I made some good friendships.

I’m finished now – did not run for re-election after serving three years. I feel good that I helped. We very much love our condo and most of the people in it.

We got lucky with my replacement, Ranita. She has many years of condo management experience and comes with ideas on how to make things easier. I’ll help her as needed.