Simple Stuff – Quick

An interconnect board we designed with components on both sides.

Digital? Analog? How about – neither!

Our client needed a circuit board to facilitate connecting their field sensor network to a data acquisition controller. Connectors & switches only, no electronics. (Well, they did include a couple resistors.) Two versions were needed for two different applications. Each needed connectors on both sides – one side to the field, the other to the controller.

They made the job easy. Not only did they tell us the exact sizes & shapes of the boards, they also gave us the parts locations. They even picked out the connectors. Their main concern was time – ASAP!

We jumped on it, beginning even before we received the official purchase order. Pretty simple – pick out the remaining parts, resolve a few questions and lay out the boards. We ordered the prototype boards and assembled a few of each, finishing a week ahead of schedule. Full manufacturing documentation was turned over to them for ongoing production.

So – digital? Analog? We’ll choose digital. They went into digital systems.

A group of interconnect circuit boards we designed.