Digital Designs

Digital Instrument Designs

Although our original background is analog measurement and signal conditioning our digital design capability is growing. We’ve recently completed several successful digital instrument designs. Here are links to seven:

Our recent successful microprocessor-based projects, combined with our long track record in analog, measurement and signal conditioning, make us well-prepared to tackle your requirements. We have the know-how to digitize your measurements, perform computations and produce the necessary measurement and control outputs, whether analog or digital.

The digital signal conditioner design combined a PIC microcontroller with analog input and output circuitry The sweeper control project added a touch screen panel to the microcontroller, providing user control of an industrial process. The generator grounding monitor then led us to do a more in-depth study of the touch panel’s capabilities. As a result, we were able to program the entire operation into the touch panel – no microprocessor required!

The turntable indexer project was simpler, especially because we could use the same touch panel and draw on our experience with the earlier designs.

Our analog horizons keep expanding as well. The sweeper project required switch-mode current control of magnetic coils, much different than our prior measurement and signal conditioning designs. We studied, learned and produced a successful design. In our more distant past we’ve been involved in other analog measurement designs such as electromagnetic flowmeters, dew point and conductivity.

So, whether you need analog or digital we’re ready. Let us know what you need. We’ll work with you to firm up the requirements and prepare a proposal to meet your needs.

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