Basic Electronics


Hello! Welcome to our Electronics for Beginners page. If you’d like to get started in electronics I’d like to help.

Electronics has been my life-long hobby, starting in the 6th grade. Our teacher would give us free time with creative playthings. I drifted to the batteries, light bulbs, magnets, wire wound around iron bars and even an old hand-cranked telephone generator. That led me to books on electricity in the kids’ library and then on to books on radio, TV & basic electronics, hobby and experimenters’ magazines and electronic kits. It turned into my electrical engineering career and is still my hobby. Guess what? Now one of our daughters is an electrical engineer!

This web page? I’m doing it for fun. The books and magazines were important in getting me started and I’d love to help others the same way.

Electronics for Beginners will be a chapter-by-chapter project, one topic at a time, growing as I find time to write. Maybe I can turn it into a book someday – we’ll see. For now I’ll just add a topic (chapter) at a time and maybe make revisions to chapters already written. This page is just links to those chapters. No schedule – just keep checking back to see what I’ve added.

December 16, 2020: Just added Chapter 4. Sorry it took so long. I haven’t had much time for writing recently!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? E-mail me at the address to the right and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Harry Trietley, SRQ Technology

CHAPTER 1: Electrons, Conductors, Insulators, Resistors

CHAPTER 2: Pressure, Flow, Resistance, Power

CHAPTER 3: Volts, Amps and Ohms

CHAPTER 4: Resistors

CHAPTER 5: Potentiometers and Variable Resistors

The next chapter planned will be about AC – Alternating Current.