About Us

SRQ Technology provides electronic design services with a primary focus on measurement technology, especially signal conditioning and instrumentation design services. In addition to designing, we offer project management, documentation and technical writing services. We have relationships with nearby assembly and manufacturing organizations or can work with yours.

SRQ Technology is owned and operated by Harry Trietley. Harry was the founder and, for 18 years, the owner, President and Chief Engineer of JH Technology, Inc., a signal conditioner manufacturer. He maintains a close relationship with the current management and serves actively on a consulting basis. A graduate engineer, he held prior engineering and management positions with Wilkerson Instrument Co., YSI Inc. and the former Taylor Instruments.

Our instrument design experience includes electromagnetic flowmeters, process transmitters and alarms, analog process controllers, and instruments for temperature, conductivity, dew point and dissolved oxygen. Recently-completed digital projects have included C-programmed microcontrollers and designs using touch control panels. Much of his work at YSI was related to temperature measurement, including thermistors as well as the more common thermocouples and resistance thermometers.

Harry also is an accomplished technical writer. The author of Transducers in Mechanical and Electronic Design (Marcel Dekker Inc.) he also has authored numerous magazine articles and, of course, written many user manuals, catalog pages and web pages for instrumentation products. Many of the catalog pages and user instructions on the JH Technology site were written by Harry.

A special note about signal conditioners. We maintain a close relationship with Harry’s former company, JH Technology. If your needs involve signal conditioning either of us would be happy to work with you, together or independently. JH Technology is very much an entrepreneurial company and could possibly be interested in a contractual arrangement or joint venture. If you have a product idea but no manufacturing facility they could be well equipped to manufacture it for you.

If your project appears to be directly competitive with JH Technology we will discuss any possible conflicts with you, confidentially, before proceeding. Rest assured that we will not discuss your ideas with JH or anyone else without your agreement.

We look forward to working with you!