About Us

Hello! I’m Harry Trietley, design engineer, writer and owner of SRQ Technology. We offer electronic design, consulting and technical writing services with a primary focus on measurement technology, especially signal conditioning and instrumentation design.

I’ve been “playing” with electronics since I was a kid. I got my engineering degree and made a career of it. I still enjoy it – it’s my hobby!

I formed SRQ Technology after selling our previous company, JH Technology, in 2012. Would you believe we closed the deal on Halloween? JH Technology manufactures a broad line of signal conditioners (industrial measurement instruments), also some other industrial instrumentation. Here’s their web site: www.jhtechnology.com, but as of this date (Sept. 2, 2022) it appears not to be active. I am no longer involved with them.

Before forming JH Technology I held design and management positions at three other companies, all in industrial measurement and control. Much of my design experience is sensor and measurement related, also some modest control designs. This web site shows several examples. Much of it is analog – I call myself the “old analog guy” – but more recently I’ve done C-based designs using microcontrollers and programmable touch panels.

Writing? I’ve done one book, Transducers in Mechanical and Electronic Design, old but still available on Amazon. In the past I’ve written many articles for (print) technical magazines. I’ve also written numerous user manuals, catalog and web pages for instrumentation products. Many of the catalog pages and user instructions on the JH Technology site were written by me.

Now, I’ve decided to relax a bit and take it easy. It’s just me here, no one else. I love writing and plan to spend more time at it, including articles and posts for this site. Hopefully I’ll also do some design projects of my own, maybe for profit or maybe just for fun. If I do, you’ll hear about it on this site.

I’d still enjoy working with you if you have electronic design or technical writing needs. Just let me know.

Harry Trietley

srqtechnology@gmail.com (941)376-3092