Why SRQ?

Aerial drone view of Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, FL

SRQ Technology? What a unique name! What does SRQ stand for?

Good question. It’s not anyone’s initials. I’ve racked my brain trying to think up something catchy. Maybe Superior Reliable Quality? Supplying Results Quickly? Solving Rough Questions?

Don’t like those? Well – let’s try Stinking Rotten Quagmire, Stop Ridiculous Quibbling or Seems Really Quirky. Ugh! Enough!

OK – SRQ is the official designation for our Sarasota-Bradenton (Florida) International airport. I read that around 1956, when the three-letter designations were created, SR was felt to be recognizable as Sarasota. Q was added to make it unique. Since then, it’s become the local shorthand for Sarasota. We even have an SRQ Magazine. (Also, Sarasota Magazine.) I did a bit of searching and found:

  • SRQ Custom (auto customization)
  • SRQ Fabrications (also auto related)
  • SRQ Media Group
  • SRQ Vets
  • SRQ360 Photography
  • SRQ Blinds and Drapes
  • SRQ Woodwork
  • Gym SRQ
  • Lab SRQ

And a few others. So, SRQ Technology isn’t so unique after all.

Now, the commercial. Please keep us in mind if you need circuit design or technical writing services.

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