My Electronics Workbench!

Electronics workbench, but covered with woodworking projects.

Warning – commercial coming!

Here’s where I breadboard & test my fantastic electronic creations. Look – you can see an oscilloscope, a small meter and part of a lab power supply! The soldering iron is almost hidden behind the saw.

But now, honey-do time. My wife, Jacquie, makes and sells fashion doll (Barbie) accessories. Much of what she does involves clay and resin casting but when she needs wood pieces for furniture and lamps, that’s where I come in.

I enjoy it. I’ve always liked working with wood. Not a master craftsman, but I’ve built a few cabinets, shelves and display tables. Just stained plywood, nothing fancier.

Barbie/fashion doll accessories including chairs, a lamp and a rug.

Now, the commercial. She has a business – sells her Barbie/fashion doll crafts on The direct link to her store is Why the name? She started with Barbie-size food, dishes, dinners etc. and Barbie is 1:6 scale. Here’s an example of her furniture.