SRQ Technology, Inc.

SRQ Technology
A consulting engineering firm based on over 40 years of electronic & instrument design, project management and technical writing experience.

Electronic Design and Consulting


 Instrument and instrumentation design.

  Measurement system design.

   Signal conditioner design.

    Microprocessor and Touch Control Panel design.

     Electronic design.

      Project management and consulting services.

       Mods & upgrades to existing products.


And -


 Technical Writing Services


Technical articles.

 Product catalogs and literature.

  Product and News releases.

   Instruction manuals.


Much of our experience is measurement related. We've done analog and digital/microprocessor process transmitter & signal conditioner designs plus measurement system designs such as flow, temperature, level and dew point. Other electronic designs have controlled machine positioning and monitored power-related voltages and currents. Also an ultrasonic leak detector.

We're not limited to complete new designs: we can do modifications, updates or special versions of existing products. Are components you're using becoming obsolete? We may be able to find an alternative or modest design change.  Does your customer want a minor modification for a specific requirement? We sometimes can do simple changes at modest cost, with minimal impact on delivery.

Our technical writing experience includes a book, Transducers in Mechanical and Electronic Design, by owner Harry Trietley but we've done much more, including magazine articles and news releases. A good deal of our experience has been writing catalog pages, user manuals and new product releases for the products we've designed. We offer a broad range of technical writing services.

In the past we've managed small project teams and engineering groups, working together with production and marketing departments. We'd be happy to take on your whole project or to act as a consultant, outside team member or coordinator for projects of your own.